industrial fan and blower

Industrial Fan and Blower Product Features

Product features are not extra. When you’re talking about industrial fans and blowers, what we’re calling “product features” are really product essentials. We just didn’t think you’d be searching for that. The truth is that a centrifugal fan is a game of roulette without the right motor, mounting, material, finish, other protection, testing, quality control, maintenance plan, and standards.

If we use an automotive comparison, then product features in industrial fans and blowers are the horsepower, steering, wheel-drive, airbags, miles per gallon and dealer warranty. They are table stakes, but they do depend on the intended use.

Many of the same components that dictate the impeller blade (like radial, backward-curved, backward-inclined, or forward-curved) also indicate the appropriate industrial fan and blower features.

Basics of Product Features for Industrial Fans and Blowers

Something this important requires deeper consideration. Below is a snapshot, but each product feature has its own page with much more detail.

Fan Arrangements

Centrifugal fan arrangements are industry standards that define how the motor mounts to and drives the fan. There are two main categories of fan arrangements: Belt-Drive and Direct-Drive. Learn More

Materials of Construction

The materials of construction can affect weight, cost, sanitation, durability, maintenance, and appearance. AirPro offers a wide range of materials to construct the fan wheel, airstream accessories, or the entire fan. Learn More

Spark Resistance & Explosion Proofing

Spark Resistant Fan Construction, or fans typically classified as explosion proof exhaust fans, is an AMCA requirement when dust, fibers, gases, vapors, or liquids could cause an explosion from a spark. Learn More

Industrial Finishes & Custom Coatings

Industrial fan finishes are coatings are both protective and aesthetic. The main function is to protect it from corrosion and make the materials more resistant to fire, heat, particles and other elements. Learn More

Fan Maintenance

Proper, routine fan maintenance is essential to the successful, long-term operation of your industrial fan. Proper maintenance starts during design and includes features, finishes, storage, installation, and operations. Learn More

Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance is not nice-to-have, it is must-have at AirPro – we guarantee it. We design and deliver to the toughest standards, and thoroughly inspect each product throughout our production phase. Learn More

CE Certification & ATEX rating

Our specifications meet or beat European health, safety, and environmental protection standards – as well as our own. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment and serve process air needs throughout the world. Learn More

You will find details about these product features on their pages. If you have questions about how AirPro can provide your package solution submit a quote request or give us a call at 715-365-3267.