Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Control and Positive Material Identification for Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and positive material identification are not nice-to-have, they are must-have at AirPro – we guarantee it. Our products are: designed and delivered utilizing the latest computer modeling software; built by American Welding Society (AWS) qualified fabricators; tested and rated according to Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) 210; balanced to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards; and thoroughly inspected throughout our production phase.

Manufacturing Process for Quality Assurance

The AirPro manufacturing process is one of the major supporting components to the AirPro guarantee of superior quality. Through our process, we:

  • Identify and track the materials throughout the manufacturing process to ensure properties are consistent with order requirements for centrifugal fans and blowers.
  • Maintain Mill Test Reports (MTRs) for grades above A36. An MTC documents end-to-end positive material identification, traceability and assurance about the quality of the steel used and how it was made.
  • Calibrate and maintain tools and equipment according to schedule for precision and accuracy.
  • Our fabricators of centrifugal fans and blowers are certified to AWS standards.

Quality Control Inspections

We conduct inspections to ensure that each AirPro fan not only complies with the customer’s requirements but that it also maintains AirPro’s high standard of quality control. These inspections take place throughout the manufacturing process, which includes these essential steps:

  • Material receiving and preparation
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Paint/coating and surface preparation
  • Product final assembly
  • Balance and vibration analysis
  • Final inspection before shipping with QC documentation.

For more on our run test process, visit our Fan Testing page.

Why Quality Assurance is so Important to Us

As a 100% Employee-Owned company, AirPro Fan & Blower Company lives its mission and its promises. When we say we guarantee superior quality, we mean WE guarantee it – each individual employee-owner. We have built accountability into our process and it is part of everything we do for our customers.