Cheese Plant Cooling Fan

Food-Grade Construction

We recently provided a cooling fan for a cheese plant with food-grade construction to comply with food safety standards.

The airstream components were built with 304 stainless steel materials with smooth and continuous welds. The fan housing includes a bolted access door with a flush interior surface and a tri-clamp ferrule drain. Stainless steel parts were finished with an SSPC-SP10 (learn more) glass bead blast and carbon steel parts were painted with a white epoxy coating.

To reduce energy costs, the fan wheel is backward curved and operates with an 80% static efficiency.  The fan is mounted on a unitary base, complete with spring vibration isolators.

You can read more about fans for food and dairy processing here. Please Contact our application engineers for assistance with your fan project.

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Performance: 2,000 cfm airflow @ 20.1” wg static pressure @ 0.06 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product Type
BCLS (backward curved)
200 (20” diameter impeller)
8 (direct-coupled drive)
10 HP
Max Design Temperature
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