Industrial Fan/Blower Replacement in Missouri

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Manufacturing, Agriculture and Bioscience are among Missouri’s leading industries, and many of these industries require industrial fans for their operations. At AirPro we understand the reliance these industries have on centrifugal fans. When an issue like corrosion, dust or debris, or just wear and tear stops an industrial fan blower from functioning properly, it costs your company time and money. You need a solution now, and for that reason we are dedicated to getting you the necessary, reliable, quality replacement(s) you need – quickly.

Are you looking for a replacement part for an industrial fan blower in Missouri? Our expedited production process and shipping will make it easy to get your application back online. Our experts are waiting to speak with you. Contact us here or call us at 715-365-3267.

Need parts for a non-AirPro manufactured part? We have you covered. We replace original and custom parts in Missouri, as well as virtually anywhere in the U.S. Our engineering team can design a custom solution to meet your requirements.

Read an example of how we responded to a local Missouri customer’s needs in the matter of a couple days:

Story: AirPro received the call from our field rep on Tuesday morning about a failed competitor’s wheel. AirPro’s application engineer promised a two day expedited replacement blower wheel to be delivered by an AirPro technician by Wednesday night. On Wednesday, AirPro’s technician delivered the custom designed wheel to our customer’s south MO location. Technician-assisted installation & balancing was completed by 4 AM Thursday morning.

Product Description: Backward Inclined Fan

BIHS 402, Class 4, CW Rotation

ApplicationDust Collection – Missouri Grain Processing Facility

Features: Fully custom design to match dimensions of existing application. New shaft and bearings included. Delivery and field service by AirPro technician.

The Result: A satisfied customer and another achievement our AirPro experts can be proud of.

Failed Fan Wheel

At AirPro, we are dedicated to providing dependable and expedient industrial fan replacements. Fan failures are typically unexpected. We recognize that our clients need a company that understands, responds and accommodates fast shipping of replacement parts. We have the capability to create a custom replacement fan that matches your needs and we our turnaround time is generally within weeks or even days!

Expedited Replacement Blower Wheel

Are you a local business in Missouri in need of a custom replacement part for your industrial fan? No problem. Call us at 715-365-3267 to get started. Our competitive pricing and responsive manufacturing team will have you back to business in no time.

Do you have concerns about your industrial fan? Contact our experts here and we will do everything we can to make sure your fan and business are running at their best.

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