Wisconsin Replacement Fan Wheel: 1-Day Expedite

Product Description

Industrial Exhauster Paddle Wheel (IEPW) 365, Class 20, CW Rotation, 150ºF max design temperature


Induced Draft (ID) Dryer Fan: Manure Dehydration


The replacement paddle wheel in this story was built in June for the fan installed on a Wisconsin dairy facility’s manure drying system which is on the post-processing side of the anaerobic digestion system. The exhaust fan is pulling air and heat through the drying system in order to reduce the manure moisture content to less than 40% so it can be transported and processed for use as a fertilizer. The exhaust fan is critical to the continuous flow of these operations. With the dryer fan out of commission, the manure processing operation was unable to continue drying the product.

AirPro received a request on Monday evening from the rotary dryer system OEM for an expedited replacement fan wheel. AirPro built the new wheel on Wednesday and had it ready for pickup on Thursday. The customer installed the fan wheel that day and returned the drying system to normal operations.

Replacement Paddle Wheel Impeller for Manure Drying