Rep Highlight: Scott Clausen and Brian Gordon, Glacier Technology Inc.

Glacier Technology, Representing AirPro Fan & Blower Company in the Upper Midwest Since 2013

Our top manufacturer’s representative agencies like Glacier Technology are a huge part of how we consistently serve customers with reliable, high-quality centrifugal fans for their industrial process applications.

We’d like to introduce you to our Glacier reps, Founder, Scott Clausen, and Sales Engineer, Brian Gordon, who work closely with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end-user customers as well as our application engineers to keep relationships strong, projects on track, and customers happy.

About Glacier Technology

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota just west of Minneapolis, Glacier Technology has been representing AirPro Fan & Blower in the Midwest states of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and the Dakotas since 2013.

Led by Founder Scott Clausen, Glacier Technology developed and continues to grow core competency in industrial applications like wet and dry air filtration systems, spray drying, and the OEM fans the processes need to operate. The agency provides turn-key solutions and delivers sales growth, technical expertise, and customer service.

“We pride ourselves in being a trusted source of engineered air solutions,” explains Clausen. “We deeply value our long-standing relationships with not only customers but also vendors like AirPro, who we depend upon to deliver the quality and reliability our mutual customers expect. It’s a real team effort to provide truly outstanding service, best-engineered solutions, and the most advanced new product lines.”

How AirPro and Glacier Deliver Together

Glacier Technology has been representing AirPro for the past eight years. With specialties like food processing, air filtration, and spray drying, they’ve sold a lot of centrifugal fans in that time. We work very hard to make that as easy as possible for them, from our application engineers’ close collaboration on custom fan design to innovative marketing and lead generation.

Serving as Glacier’s lead fan sales engineer since 2006, Brian Gordon highlights the top five reasons he’s so confident in representing AirPro:

  1. Reputation for Reliability
  2. Impeccable Quality
  3. Skill-level of Welders
  4. Attention to Detail
  5. On-Site Startup Assistance

“There are only a few companies with the reputation to supply the level of custom engineering we need in most of our fan applications,” Brian elaborates. “Once we put one AirPro product in, it’s all the customer wants to work with. AirPro’s quality just simply speaks for itself. It’s beautiful work that customers can appreciate as much as we do.”

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections

Glacier Technology is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out the Glacier Technology website, call 877-575-1842, or connect with Brian and Scott on LinkedIn.

We’ll be highlighting several more of our reps through the course of the year. Keep your eye on the All Things Fans blog and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date, and please join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Contact us for a connection with your local rep or to schedule an appointment with an application engineer.