Issue Resolution: How We Solve Problems

What Happens When Stuff Happens

As hard as we try to be perfect, we’re still only human. That means that sometimes, despite our best intentions and efforts, things still go wrong. We build trust not only by keeping our promises and delivering quality consistently but also by rising to the occasion when we fall short with a faulty fan in the field, a missed ship date, or anything else that can go wrong in an imperfect world.

Here’s just one example of how we handle issues. We had a tightly-timed Friday ship date to ensure a Monday delivery. We ran into difficulties at the very end while balance testing the fan and we missed the shipping window. Our team finished balancing the fan after-hours on Friday and then loaded the fan into our company truck. A dedicated team member then drove the fan from Rhinelander, Wisconsin to the customer installation in Virginia and delivered the fan safely on time.

A Simple Approach to Resolve Complex Issues

Recovering from problems and resolving issues is never easy, but in our view, the process is simple. It consists of two basic principles:

Own It. It just doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Whether or not we had a hand in creating the problem is irrelevant in the heat of the moment. When there’s an issue that involves a fan or blower, we leave blame out of it and just figure out what needs to happen next. Sure, we’ll go back later and sort out what happened so we can help avoid it in the future. But when we get that call, it’s ours.

Communicate. We’ll never leave you hanging. We won’t just hope you don’t notice if something goes wrong. We keep you in the loop with what’s wrong and how we’re fixing it. Sometimes things happen beyond your control or ours, and communication is key.

A Culture of Accountability

In the end, it all comes down to our family culture and our employee ownership. We respect our customers, partners and each other too much to pass the buck. We’re accountable for what we make, how we deliver it, and how we show up each and every day.

Other Ways To Learn About Our Experience

No matter how you look at it, our experience is broad and deep. Here are some other ways you can check our work and our references:

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