Website Changes for Better User Experience

Putting You at the Top, Front & Center

Earlier this year, we overhauled our website to make it more modern, dynamic, and customer-focused. We streamlined and added content that our customers care about, made the navigation more intuitive, and optimized it all to help more people find us when they need us.

Over the course of about six months, we collected feedback and analytics that told us two things:

  1. We were on the right track
  2. We had some areas for further improvement

After watching how people found our website, what people clicked on, where they spent time, and talking to customers, we undertook a phase two update. We have refreshed our home page again and added 10 new pages that we know will help site visitors quickly determine:

  • If we have what they need
  • How it will feel to work with us
  • Their level of confidence in working with us

Getting Straight to the Point: What We Do

One thing we quickly realized was that featuring the word “fan” is not enough to tell you whether we can help you. What we do is very specific: centrifugal fans and blowers for industrial applications. So why not just say that? Now we did. Beyond that, the size, scale, and scope of our products are also fairly specific. We’ve placed exact specification ranges front and center so you know if you’re in the right place.

Quick Wins for Customers: How We’re Different

On our most recent iteration, you would have seen quick links to applications and requesting a quote. No doubt that is important, and you can still find those easily from the top of the home page. But that doesn’t tell you how we’re different from any other fan company. From our fast turn-around time at each stage of design and build to our outstanding track record of on-time delivery and continuous innovation, we’re proud of how we serve our customers. We know it matters how we show up, and you deserve to know that too. Here’s an example of information you’ll find on the “On-Time Delivery” page linked directly from the top of the home page:

No Beating Around the Bush: Earning Your Trust

We weren’t born yesterday, and neither were you. What we say only goes so far. You need to see what we’ve done and where we’ve done it (Installations), who in the world has entrusted us to supply the fans and blowers that support their operations (Representative Users), what they have to say about us (Testimonials), and what and what happens when problems arise (Issue Resolution). You shouldn’t have to search for that, so we put it right at the top.

Continuous Improvement: What’s Next?

The list of applications we support is extensive and has evolved over time. It’s time for a review and update, so watch for additions and consolidations in those pages over the coming months. If you are interested in an application (or anything else) you can’t find listed, that does not mean it shouldn’t be.. Please be sure to contact our application engineers to discuss it. We love to get your feedback!